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Since she was a little girl, Cristina Cimellaro hasn’t let her feet touch the ground.  It doesn’t matter if it’s theatre, film or television - her determination and dedication to the art of performing is matched only by her ability to entertain. With her auburn hair and big green eyes, you can’t help but notice her.


In January 2012, Cimellaro made “swapportunity” a household word in a popular Yoplait Yogurt national commercial. She also starred as the lead - a bride- in the Emmy-nominated commercial for Sprint/Nextel, “What if film crews ran the world?”   On the big screen, Cimellaro was seen in the indie film, TiMER. When implanted in a person’s wrist, a TiMER counts down to the day the wearer finds true love; the film starred Emma Caulfield, Desmond Harrington and JoBeth Williams.


Cimellaro grew up just outside of Philadelphia. The younger of two children, she began taking ballet classes and studying classical piano at the age of two.  An injury in her late teens left her unable to dance professionally. Not one to feel sorry for herself, Cimellaro decided to be a performer in a different way. She attended Upper Darby Summer Stage where she wrote, acted, choreographed and produced her own shows.  Alums include numerous Broadway stars - most notably Tina Fey.


Following her stint at Summer Stage, she was accepted into Vassar College where she pursued a career in art therapy, graduating with a dual major- Biopsychology / Drama.  While at Vassar not only did she perform on stage, but Cimellaro also learned set design, costuming and lighting design. They say that necessity is the mother of invention; Cimellaro’s education taught her how to produce a show, from beginning to end, inside and out. 


After graduating from Vassar, she spent over a year working in New York doing local theatre, going on auditions and studying at the New York School for Film and Television.   Always wanting to learn more about her craft, Cimellaro eventually moved to Los Angeles. Soon after arriving, she began studying and performing at the Beverly Hills Playhouse and signed with a commercial agent. One of the first auditions she went on was the Sprint/Nextel commercial.


While she enjoys performing in both dramatic and comedic roles, her sense of humor and delivery are priceless. Cimellaro’s gift for comedy is character-driven and influenced from studying Commedia dell’Arte. Most recently, she produced and starred in the comedic short – Hysteresis. This funny girl is a graduate of Second City and a member of Mensa.




Contact: Deborah Mellman







Cristina's Current Webisode, Hysteresis!